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Is My Business Model Legally Compliant?
Evaluating the legal compliance of your business model is crucial for startups before they embark on their journey. Failing to do so can lead to significant challenges in rectifying legal issues in the future, potentially resulting in severe penalties. For startups preparing to launch, we conduct a thorough examination of the business model within the framework of the relevant industry regulations. Based on this research and analysis, we provide a report that assesses the legal compliance of the business model and offers recommendations for areas to be cautious about during its implementation.

How Can I Protect My Intellectual Property?

Business ideas hold great importance for startups. The appropriate means of protecting these ideas can be determined through a specific examination of each business concept. We offer a comprehensive report on how to protect the core elements of your business idea, such as software, inventions, domain names, or trade names.
This report covers the methods for safeguarding your rights, the application processes, and the available resource in the event of your ideas being misappropriated.
We provide insights on whether copyright, trademark, patent, or utility model protection is most suitable, along with application procedures and associated risks.
What Contracts and Regulations Do I Need for My Business Model?

One of the most critical questions in the minds of startups is what contracts and regulations they require. However, the focus should not solely be on which contracts to have but also on the content of these contracts. The content of contracts can only be determined through a proper understanding of the business model and a careful analysis of the associated risks.

Following an analysis of the business model, it is vital to establish protective regulations to safeguard the startup’s idea and minimize future risks. Specific regulations for the startup’s revenue model and industry-specific rules play a crucial role in determining the necessary contracts and their contents.

By accurately identifying the risks associated with the startup, we determine the essential protective regulations, including confidentiality agreements, partnership agreements, membership contracts, personal data protection regulations, distance selling contracts, employee-specific regulations, and option share contracts. This is achieved through a detailed analysis tailored to the business model.

What Should I Consider When Seeking Investment?

Securing investment is a significant milestone for startups. During the investment process, financial resources are provided to startups in exchange for certain expectations from the investor. Balancing the investor’s expectations with the protection of the startup’s rights is crucial, and this process should be designed to benefit both parties.

Throughout the investment process, there are legal practices regarding profit-sharing, loss-sharing, or the investor’s stake in company management. Being well-informed about these practices ensures that the rights of both the investor and startup shareholders are protected and sets the stage for the creation of protective regulations that can prove invaluable in potential disputes down the line.

Starting from the initial meeting with the investor, we provide professional legal support to ensure that the agreement between the investor and the startup is well-grounded, the mutual benefits are defined professionally, and contracts are drafted effectively.
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