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What Are My Obligations According to Data Protection Law?

Data protection regulations impose various obligations on data controllers. These obligations generally include the duty to inform, data security, compliance with board decisions, and the duty to maintain records, and their content may vary depending on the data controller.

During this process, we conduct an analysis tailored to the data controller’s industry and business model, identifying the obligations they need to comply with under data protection law on a project-specific basis.

This process, supported by training and documents, concludes with the determination of the data controller’s obligations and the completion of the process with documents and policies.

What Documents Should I Prepare According to Data Protection Law?

Data protection law requires data controllers to inform the relevant individuals about the processing of their personal data and, in necessary cases, obtain explicit consent. For these obligations to be met, it is crucial to determine where, for what purposes, and for what reasons personal data is processed to ensure that the forms we prepare are legally compliant. Similarly, the privacy policies, cookie policies, and other forms that should be present on websites must be prepared in accordance with board decisions and regulations, and they should be crafted by experts in the field to play a preventive role in mitigating potential high fines.
We conduct a detailed analysis of your business model and the way your company operates to identify the necessary data protection law documents you need. After the analysis, we prepare the required forms based on our years of experience in this field and provide comprehensive information on their usage.
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