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What Obligations Must I Fulfill When Selling Through E-commerce?

The obligations of those engaged in e-commerce sales vary, depending on whether you are a service provider or an intermediary service provider. Failing to fulfill these obligations in marketplace applications and e-commerce systems that involve direct sales can result in legal penalties. Additionally, the rules that come with digital sales and marketing in e-commerce differ from offline sales. It’s essential to assess whether your website or application includes products and services that cannot be sold via e-commerce.
We subject the websites and/or mobile applications of service providers and intermediary service providers engaged in e-commerce to comprehensive scrutiny and analysis. Depending on the business model, we provide a written report outlining the rights and obligations specific to the business and the key points to be mindful of.

What Contracts and Regulations Do I Need When Conducting E-commerce Sales?

E-commerce has its own unique set of contracts, typically including subscription agreements, pre-contractual information forms, and distance sales agreements. However, the content of these contracts can vary for service providers and intermediary service providers. Furthermore, cancellation and return terms depend on the products and services being sold, and determining these obligations without a specific examination is quite challenging. Membership agreements and the obligations and regulations arising from personal data protection laws also vary based on the business model.

When engaging in e-commerce sales, we identify the contracts and regulations you need to have and prepare all the necessary contracts and regulations with the help of our expert team, tailoring them to your specific business model.

We assess your specific e-commerce activities, the content of the contracts, and the obligations and regulations related to your products and services, ensuring you meet all the necessary legal requirements.
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